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Property Management

For freedom and peace of mind

Combining professionalism with a personal touch to provide trustworthy care for your cherished Chamonix property.

Weighed down with chores?

Maintaining your investment can be overwhelming, especially if you live miles away or juggle other responsibilities. From coordinating routine maintenance and dealing with unexpected weather-induced wear to ensuring your home is in top shape for your next holiday, demands can leave you feeling stretched.

You wanted a hassle-free experience where you can simply pack your bags and arrive at a well-managed, welcoming home.

But now you realise this is harder to achieve than you first thought.

Chamserve offers a comprehensive property management solution that frees you from the day-to-day hassles of property ownership.

From general maintenance to unexpected emergencies, our professional, proactive, and flexible approach covers every property management aspect.

We tailor our solutions to your unique needs, so you can relax and enjoy the benefits of owning a property in the beautiful Chamonix Valley.

How it works

Our process is simple. First, we listen to understand your specific needs and expectations. Once we have that insight, we step in to manage everything from property maintenance to client liaisons, all under the watchful eyes of our experienced team.

We ensure your property is well-cared for and optimised for the best possible returns. That means checking in on your property regularly and advising on more significant upgrades to keep your property in top condition.

Full range of services

Access a complete suite of property management services, from basic property maintenance and compliance to fully tailored concierge packages designed just for you. If you need something that’s not on the list, just ask.

Keyholding & Emergency Assistance Guaranteed

Chamserve offers vital key holding and emergency support for holiday home owners, ensuring peace of mind and smooth operations. You can trust that your property is secure and well-managed, even from afar. In the event of emergencies, quick access and expert assistance are crucial for mitigating damages and maintaining guest satisfaction. Our reliable services guarantee that you’re always supported, safeguarding your investment and enhancing guest experience.

Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance isn’t just about fixing problems – it’s about keeping your home happy and healthy for the long haul! From preventing costly repairs to preserving property value and ensuring safety, it’s a proactive approach to homeownership. Plus, with energy-efficient upgrades and aesthetic enhancements, you’re creating a more comfortable and visually appealing living space. With regular maintenance, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is well-cared-for and ready for whatever comes its way.

Cleaning Services

Regular deep cleaning of holiday rental properties is vital for maintaining cleanliness and preserving property value. Our comprehensive service, including carpet and upholstery care, ensures a hygienic and welcoming environment for guests. This proactive approach also extends the lifespan of furnishings. With Chamserve’s expertise, you can focus on providing exceptional guest experiences while maintaining high standards of cleanliness and comfort.

Local Laws & Bureaucracy

Chamserve provides vital support with local laws and bureaucracy, ensuring clients navigate regulations smoothly, avoiding legal pitfalls or fines. With the evolving landscape of efficiency targets for rental properties, staying abreast of regulations is crucial. We also offer Energy Performance Diagnosis, optimising energy efficiency to cut costs, meet regulations, and appeal to eco-conscious tenants. It’s a win-win for sustainability and financial savings.

Health & Safety Checking Services

Chamserve provides essential services to safeguard holiday properties and enhance guest experiences. Vigilant security checks and smart technologies protect against threats, while meticulous health and safety audits maintain standards and prevent accidents. With comprehensive inventory management, assets are protected, and check-ins are seamless. We ensure properties are safe, sound, and hassle-free, ensuring peace of mind for you and delightful stays for guests.

All-in-One Property Support Team

We proudly offer comprehensive property management support, seamlessly handling everything from purchasing goods and furnishings to coordinating expert services like plumbing and electrical work. With over 20 years of experience and trusted local relationships, we ensure unparalleled customer service, exceptional quality, and cost-effectiveness. Rest assured, we leverage our expertise to source from the best and most cost-efficient suppliers, providing you with a reliable and superior service experience.

Why choose Chamserve

With over twenty years of experience in property management, we’ve developed an in-depth understanding of what property owners in the Chamonix Valley need.

Plus, our team comprises long-term residents of the Valley, offering local expertise and commitment that is hard to match.





Choosing Chamserve means:

  • Stress-free property ownership
  • More free time in either Chamonix or at home
  • Reaping all of the benefits of your property
  • Knowing someone who understands local weather
  • Gaining contacts who understand local regulations, community and more

Don’t just take our word for it

Don't let property management
responsibilities hold you back

Focus on what truly matters – enjoying your investment and the unique beauty of the French Alps. Get in touch with us today for a custom property management quote.

Additional services

We like to think of Chamserve as a one-stop shop for all your property, guest and rental, and renovation management needs in the Chamonix Valley and Mont Blanc region.

Guest & Rental Management

Profit from your property without the stress of guest management. From efficient guest turnover and housekeeping to resolving any unexpected issues, you’ll enjoy the perks of rental income without any of the operational worries.

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Property Renovation

Renovating your property should be an exciting journey, not a source of anxiety. We can help manage small renovations and provide support with larger projects —transforming your Chamonix home into your dream sanctuary, adding both value 
and delight.

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